Seller Agreement

When you click the Submit Item For Sale button, you are agreeing to hold Audio Gear immune to any claim of damages, loss, or inconvenience howsoever caused in connection with your sale of the item.

When you advertise an item for sale on the Audio Gear website, you are agreeing to the following:

  • The item you place for sale must be in your legal possession and be available for immediate delivery after you have received payment from the buyer.
  • To pay fees due to Audio Gear within 5 days of receipt of invoice. See Seller Fees for information.
  • The price you advertise the item at is fixed and should be inclusive of any sales tax or VAT which is chargeable.  If for any reason you wish to change the advertised price, before it has been purchased, you have the option to review and make changes via the ‘My For Sale Items’ screen.
  • All terms and conditions you wish to attach to the sale of the item must be clearly stated in the Seller Conditions tab.  You agree not to impose additional conditions after the item has been purchased.

After an item has been purchased and using the confidential buyer/seller message system available in Audio Gear, you and the buyer will enter into communication to agree;

  1. the shipping method for the item
  2. the shipping price
  3. the method of payment

The total price for the item, including shipping cost and any sales tax, will be clearly stated to the buyer.  You are not permitted to charge additional amounts to the buyer in respect of;

  • the sales fee due to Audio Gear
  • any fees associated with receiving payment from the buyer

The shipping price may optionally include costs associated with importing the item into the buyer’s country but this must be agreed with the buyer in advance as part of your communications regarding shipping method and shipping cost.

Once these have been agreed, use the Audio Gear system to send a confirmation invoice to the buyer. This prompts them to make the payment by the method detailed in the invoice.  You, the seller, have the option to cancel the sale if you do not receive payment within five days of issuing a request for payment, subject to prior agreement of points 1 to 3 above.

Once you have received payment, you will send the item to the buyer without delay, by the agreed shipping method, to the address provided by the buyer. Please note that if the buyer chooses a different delivery address at any time in this process, you will receive notification by email and should re-issue the invoice confirming this.

Audio Gear will not enter into disputes between you and your buyer.

Ten days after you sell an item, Audio Gear will e-mail you an invoice for the fee payment due.  At the same time Audio Gear will make a payment request to your PayPal account.  You agree to make payment within 5 days from the invoice date.  Payments must be submitted in Pounds Sterling.

There are three main reasons why it may not be possible to proceed with the order:

Cancelled (Non-Paying Buyer) : You have been unable to get payment from the buyer despite making a number of requests for them to make payment.

Cancelled (Item Unavailable) : Something has happened to make it impossible for you to send the item; perhaps the item has been damaged during packing, or perhaps it has become impossible to ship to the buyer’s destination country.

Cancelled (Per Buyer’s Request) : The buyer has requested to cancel the order and you have agreed to do so.

In these cases, you should contact Audio Gear by e-mail at  Make reference to the order number and tell us why it was not possible to complete the sale.  Normally we will agree to waive our commission fee and will put your item back up for sale on Audio Gear.

Sellers who fail to make fee payments on time without good reason will be barred from selling on Audio Gear until the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of Audio Gear.