Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended for registered users of Audio Gear.

Welcome to the Audio Gear Community.  We exist to build a database of all known audio gear and musical instruments and to host buying and selling of gear between registered users all over the world.

Audio Gear has the following main functionality;


Registered users can add audio and MI gear into database and also edit existing database entries.  We would encourage you to add information about all your collection of audio gear and musical instruments.  Click here for help on adding new database entries.  You can also add a manufacturer to the database if it is not already listed.


You can place items for sale and buy items from other registered users in the Marketplace.  Listing items is free and you only pay a seller fee when an item has been purchased. Click here for help on buying and here for help on selling in the marketplace.  You will need to create buyer and seller profiles when you start to buy or sell in the marketplace.  This is all explained in the help pages.


The ‘My Audio Gear’ menu tab opens up a range of options specific to you as a user.  A good place to start is your dashboard which provides a usefully summary of all your recent activities on Audio Gear.  It is worth spending a little time exploring the options available with the ‘My Audio Gear’ menu as it’s your gateway to all of the registered user facilities.


Within ‘My Audio Gear’ you will find a tab called My Collection  This is your where you can store private information about your own collection of audio gear and musical instruments. Click here for help on setting up your collection with Audio Gear.


The help menu contains a number of help files covering all of Audio Gear’s functionality. You will also find important information about our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service We encourage you to read these.


Audio Times is our sister site and contains a wealth of news, gear reviews and recording articles, so don’t forget to check it out on a regular basis.


We hope you find Audio Gear a useful reference source and will find time to help build its database. It you have any questions or suggestions about the site then we would be pleased to hear from you. Click here to e-mail us.


The Audio Gear team