Buyer Order Terms

When you click the Place Order button, you are entering into a private agreement, between yourself and the seller, to purchase the item from the seller at the fixed advertised price.  You are not purchasing the item from Audio Gear.

When you click the Place Order button, you are agreeing to hold Audio Gear immune to any claim of damages, loss, or inconvenience howsoever caused in connection with your purchase of the item from the seller.

After clicking the Place Order button and using the confidential buyer/seller message system available in Audio Gear, you and the seller will enter into communication to agree;

  1. the shipping method for the item
  2. the shipping price
  3. the method of payment

Once these have been agreed, you will receive a confirmation invoice from the seller with details of how to make payment. We recommend you use a method of payment which offers payment protection, e.g. PayPal. The seller has the option to cancel the sale if they do not receive payment from you within five days of issuing a request for payment, subject to prior agreement of points 1 to 3 above.

Once the seller has received payment, they will send the item to you without delay, by the agreed shipping method, to the address stated in the confirmation invoice. The default is the address held in your buyer profile. You have the option to add a new delivery address. It is your responsibility to ensure that this address is accurate.

The seller may have specified conditions for sale.  These will be shown in the Seller Conditions tab in the item’s entry. As examples:

  • The seller may not accept returned items for refund
  • The seller may accept item returns provided the buyer agrees to pay for return shipping costs
  • The seller may not agree to certain types of payment terms
  • The seller may not agree to ship to certain countries

It is your responsibility to decide if you wish to do business with the seller.  You have the opportunity to ask questions about the item and the seller, prior to buying an item, using the Ask a question tab on the item’s entry. Click on the item image to view the item detail including the Seller Conditions and to ask a question.

The buyer is responsible for establishing if the item is subject to VAT or sales tax and to request a separate tax invoice from the buyer, if required.