Using the Audio Database

Audio Gear houses a growing database of current and classic audio equipment and software used in recording, broadcast, live performance and reproduction.

The database is being built by registered users of Audio Gear but everyone is free to search the database for information about their favourite audio equipment.  We have also included a reference section on audio equipment and musical instrument (MI) manufacturing companies.

The product database can be searched in the following ways;

  • A free text search using the ‘Search Database’ box.  Type a single search word and click on the ‘Search’ button to start the search.
  • By category:  All items in the main database are listed under main and sub categories.  This is often the quickest way to start a search.  Click on one of the ‘Listing Category’ selections.  Each time you click, the appropriate category filter will be applied.  Now refine your search by clicking on one of the ‘Sub Category’ selections.  Again the screen will refresh to show the results of your filter.
  • By company:  Every item listed in the database has been manufactured by someone!  So you can also filter your search by manufacturer’s company name.  You can only select one company at a time.

It is possible to search by both category and manufacturer at the same time.

If you have a long listing to look through then you can sort the listing in two ways;

  • Click the Model heading to sort alphabetically by model name from A to Z.  Click again to sort alphabetically from Z to A.
  • Click the Function heading to sort alphabetically by function from A to Z.  Click again to sort alphabetically from Z to A.

Once you have located an entry you wish to explore you can click one of the following;

Company : this will bring up the manufacture’s entry in the database.

Item image : this will take you to the listing for that item.

Model entry : this will take you to the listing for that item.

*Note that the mobile version of Audio Gear has simplified layouts*

The company database is listed alphabetically.  Simply click on a company name or company logo to call up that company’s entry.

Adding items to the database

Registered users can add audio and MI gear into the database and also edit existing database entries.  We would encourage you to add information about all your collection of audio gear and musical instruments.  Click here for help on adding new database entries.  You can also add a manufacturer to the database if it is not already listed.