Selling Items on Audio Gear

Registered users of Audio Gear can list their own audio items for sale. Before you can list your first item for sale, you must create a seller profile. A seller profile allows you to store important information about you as a seller, including;

  • The currency you wish to receive payment in
  • The payment methods you are prepared to accept
  • The country from which the item will be shipped

Click here for help on how to create a seller profile.

In order to be listed ‘For Sale’ a product must already exist in the main database. So first, check carefully to see if the exact model of audio gear or MI you want to sell is already listed in the main database. Use the filters to check by company name as well as by product type.

If the item is not listed, please create a new database entry by navigating to ‘My Audio Gear’ and then ‘Add Audio Gear Listing’ or ‘Add MI Gear Listing’.

If the product already exists in the database, than open that item and click on the sell one button. This will open the form into which you list your item for sale.

The following data fields are compulsory;

  • Featured Image : All items for sale must have at least one image of the actual item for sale. It is not permissible to use a manufacturer’s published image for this purpose unless you are selling a piece of software. The better the quality of the images, the more likely you are to sell the item.

The system automatically reduces the size of the image when uploaded to suit the database screen layout and to limit the image file size so we can make sensible use of the available storage space.  For best quality, do not reduce the image size or resolution prior to uploading.  The Audio Gear upload will take care of that automatically.

  • Select the condition : You have to chose the condition of the item from one the available options;
    • New : must be 100% new in original manufacturer packaging with all original instruction manuals and any original accessories which were included with the item.
    • New Other : must be as new but may be missing the original packaging, or instruction manual.
    • Manufacturer Refurbished : an item that has been brought back to excellent condition by the manufacturer or their agent and is fully functional. May be ex demo. May be missing original instruction manuals and packaging.
    • Seller Refurbished : an item that has been brought back to excellent condition by someone other than the manufacturer or their agent and is fully functional. May be missing original instruction manuals and packaging.
    • Used : an item that has been previously used but is fully functional. May be some deterioration in audio performance. May have varying degrees of cosmetic wear as described in the ‘condition description’ (see below).
    • For parts or not working : an item that does not fully function to the original specification and may have missing parts.
  • Price : fixed price for the item, which will be displayed in the currency listed in your Seller Profile.

The following data fields are optional;

  • Additional images : you can upload additional images of the item for sale.
  • Condition Description : you can add additional information about the item’s condition, e.g. cosmetic condition; missing user manuals, missing control knobs, performance issues etc.

The more accurate the description, then the more likely the item is to find a satisfied buyer.

  • Item Description : everything else you want to tell potential buyers about the item, e.g. how long you have owned it; what’s great about the item; and anything else which makes it attractive to a potential buyer – but please always be accurate about any claims you make about the item.

When you have completed the entry then click the Preview button. This will take you to a Preview of your item for sale. At this point it has not yet been listed and you have four options:

  • Edit Item : if you want to make any changes to the ‘For Sale’ listing.
  • Save Draft : if you want to save the draft for future editing before it is listed. This will take you to the ‘Items you are preparing for sale’ screen, which you can also access via the ‘My Audio Gear’, ‘For Sale Preview’ menu.
  • Delete Item : if you want to delete the draft entry.
  • Submit Item For Sale : if you want to publish your ‘For Sale’ listing. In listing your item for sale, you are also agreeing to the Seller Agreement. Please review this agreement before posting your item for sale.

What happens when someone buys an item I have for sale?

Both the buyer and the seller are notified by e-mail that the purchase has taken place.  We will use the e-mail address you used to register on the Audio Gear website and ask you to contact the buyer via the Audio Gear website to agree the shipping method and shipping cost. Click the order number to view the order details page and access the message system.

Use the tools within the Audio Gear website to:

  1. Communicate with the buyer until you have both agreed on the shipping method and the payment method
  2. Update the order status to “Buyer Contacted”
  3. Create an invoice and enter:
    • Agreed payment method
    • Agreed shipping method
    • Agreed shipping cost
  4. Preview and send your invoice to the buyer. This acts as a reminder, confirms what you have agreed and also prompts the buyer to complete the payment. The transaction status will automatically update to ‘Invoice sent’ (also visible to the buyer).
  5. Once the payment is received (update status to ‘Payment received’) you are in contract with the buyer and must ship the goods using the agreed method. Update status to ‘Shipped’.

You can continue to correspond with the Buyer using the message box in the order details page.


You can cancel the sale under the following circumstances:

  • Cancelled (Non-Paying Buyer) : You have been unable to get payment from the buyer despite making a number of requests for them to make payment.
  • Cancelled (Item Unavailable) : Something has happened to make it impossible for you to send the item; perhaps the item has been damaged during packing, or perhaps it has become impossible to ship to the buyer’s destination country.
  • Cancelled (Per Buyer’s Request) : The buyer has requested to cancel the order and you have agreed to do so.

You can re-list the item for sale by contacting

You can review all the items you have sold via the ‘My Audio Gear’, ‘My Sales’ menu.

Keeping the status up to date gives the buyer confidence that you are progressing towards despatching the item.  It also alerts Audio Gear should there be a problem in completing the sale.

Making the fee payment to Audio Gear

Ten days after you sell an item, Audio Gear will e-mail you an invoice for the fee payment due.  At the same time Audio Gear will make a payment request to your PayPal account.  You will be requested to make payment within 5 days from the invoice date.  Payments must be submitted in Pounds Sterling.  You can find our current selling fees here.



Q1 What type of items can I sell?
A2 Anything that can be listed in the main Audio Database.

Q2 What happens if I want to sell more than one of the same item?
A2 Just make a separate ‘For Sale’ listing for each of the items.

Q3 Do I have to pay for a ‘For Sale’ listing?
A3 Listing an item for sale is free. You pay a percentage of the sale price as a listing fee to Audio Gear but only when the item has been purchased.

Q4 How do I delete an item for sale if I have already listed it?
A4 Go to the menu item ‘My Audio Gear’, ‘My For Sale Items’ where you can review and delete items you have for sale.

Q5 How do I change the price or any other part of my ‘For Sale’ listing after it has been published?
A5 You can change the price and other details of your For Sale listing by following these steps:

  • In ‘My Items For Sale’ click ‘Review’
  • Click ‘Remove From Sale’. You will then have 3 choices: Delete, Save Draft or Edit Item
  • Click on ‘Edit Item’ and make your changes
  • Click on ‘Update’
  • Then tick the box to Agree to Seller Terms and press Submit item for sale.

Q6 What happens if the buyer is unable to make payment and I cannot complete the sale?
A6 You should contact Audio Gear by e-mail.  Make reference to the order number and tell us why it was not possible to complete the sale.  Normally we will agree to waive our commission fee and will put your item back up for sale on Audio Gear.