Edit Listing

Registered users of Audio Gear can edit the main database.  You may have additional information about a listing, be able to correct an error in the accuracy of the listing, e.g. the correct manufacturing dates for an piece of audio equipment.

For peace of mind, the main database is protected against accidental changes.  When you edit a database entry, you will be working on a copy of the entry which is then submitted for moderation.  If the moderation is positive, then the update is made to the live database.

To edit a main database entry;

  1. Locate the entry in the main database.
  2. Click the edit listing button.  This will take you to the Edit Database Listing screen.
  3. All database fields which are editable will be clickable.  Those which are not clickable are not editable.
  4. To update a database field, click on the existing field and it will open the edit screen for that field.
  5. When you have completed the update, press the Update button and you will be returned to the main Edit Database Listing screen.
  6. At any time during the edit process you have three options;

Click Submit to submit the updates for moderation.  You will receive an e-mail when your updates have been approved and the live database has been updated.

Click Exit to abandon the edit.  Your changes will not be saved.

Click Help to bring up the main Submission Guidelines in a new tab

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