My Collection

Registered users of Audio Gear can make a private listing of their own audio equipment.  Really useful if your collection of audio gear is growing and you want to make a few notes about when you bought each item and where it is all stored.

Adding an item to your collection is really easy but first you need to check if the product already exists in the main Audio Gear database.

If it is not already listed then you need to do that first.  Click here for help in adding an item to the main database.

If it is already listed in the main database, then open the main database listing and click on the ‘Add to Collection’ button.

This will take you to a simple entry form where you can add the following information about your collection item:

Purchase Date :  enter a month and/or year, or leave blank if you cannot remember when you bought the item.

Serial Number : add the serial number of the unit.

Notes : add a few notes about the unit, e.g. ‘Bought this second hand on eBay for £200.’

Once you have completed the entry, click on the Submit button and the item will be added to your private collection database.

You will be taken to the ‘My Collection’ screen where you can review all of the gear you have added into your private collection database.

For each item you can:

Delete the item from your collection, e.g. if you have sold it

Edit the item : maybe you want to add some more notes.

Sell the item : takes you to the correct data input screen to start a sale.



Q1  Why can’t I add images of my collection?

A1  Your collection will show an image of the item in the main database. This is partly in case you do not wish to photograph your entire collection and also to to best manage the available space on the Audio Gear server. If you decide to list the item for sale, you will be asked to upload images of your own item.

Q2  Is all of the information in my collection private to me?

A2  Yes it is all private.  We may decide to list the total number of each type of audio equipment on Audio Gear at some point but it will never refer to individual users.  Of course if you decide to sell an item then it will be seen publicly.