Buying Items

Any registered user of Audio Gear can buy items listed for sale.  Before you can buy your first item, you have to create a buyer profile.  A buyer profile allows you to store important information about you as a buyer;

  • Your home country currency – this allows the system to calculate an estimated sell price for any item in your home country currency.
  • Your name and address for shipping purposes.
  • Additional optional contact information for a seller to use once you have purchased an item.

Click here for help on how to create your Buyer Profile.


Buying an item which is for sale

All items currently for sale can be viewed by clicking the MARKETPLACE menu item at the top of the screen.

The FOR SALE listing can be searched in the following ways;

  • A free text search using the ‘Search Database’ box.  Type a single search word and click on the ‘Search’ button to start the search.
  • By category:  All items in the main database are listed under main and sub categories.  This is often the quickest way to start a search.  Click on one of the ‘Listing Category’ selections.  Each time you click, the appropriate category filter will be applied.  Now refine your search by clicking on one of the ‘Sub Category’ selections.  Again the screen will refresh to show the results of your filter.
  • By company:  Every item listed in the database has been manufactured by someone!  So you can also filter your search by manufacturer’s company name.  You can only select one company at a time.

It is possible to search by both category and company at the same time.

Once you have located an entry you wish to explore you can click one of the following;

Model  : this will take you to the main database listing for that item, so you can check it really is the exact model you are interested to purchase.

Seller : information about the seller of the item.

Details : this will take you to the main For Sale listing page for that item where you can see further information and ask the seller a question.

Add to Cart : if you wish you can directly add the item to your purchase cart.


A word on pricing : items are offered for sale in the preferred currency of the seller.  If you buy an item then you will be obliged to pay for the item in that currency.  There are many ways to do that, the most popular being PayPal.

If your own home country currency is not the same as the seller’s, then the screen will display the approximate price in your home currency below the actual selling price.  The currency conversion is based on the rates published by the European Central Bank (updated daily between 2.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. CET)


Asking a question about an item

Providing you are a registered user and logged in, you can click DETAILS, then the Ask a question tab and type a question for the seller.  Both you and the seller will get e-mail notification that a question has been asked and again when the seller has replied to the question.

All questions and answers are made public under this tab (unlike communications you send after deciding to purchase).


When you want to purchase

When you decide to purchase an item, click the Add to Cart button.  This will add the item to your cart and take you to your shopping cart.  At this point you have not yet secured or purchased the item.

You can add as many items as you wish to your cart.

The My Cart view will list all the items in your cart.  It will also confirm:

  • The item name links back to the item listing in the ‘For Sale’ section of the website
  • The seller’s user name and country from which the goods are shipping
  • The selling price in the seller’s currency (plus an estimated selling price in your own currency, if different)
  • Shipping : this will normally be agreed between buyer and seller and there may be an additional cost, depending on the method agreed. You will have the opportunity to ask a question about shipping methods and shipping cost before you decide to purchase.

If you wish to purchase an item you should;

Click the tick box agreeing to the order terms.  Click order terms to study these before purchasing.

Click the Place Order button.

If you do not wish to proceed with an order then you can click the Remove Item link to delete an item from your shopping cart.


What happens once you have purchased an item?

Both the buyer and the seller are notified by e-mail that the purchase has taken place.  We will use the e-mail address you used to register on the Audio Gear site.

One you have clicked the Place Order button you will be redirected to the ‘My Purchases’ screen.  Here you can review a summary of all your purchases and their current status.  You can also get to the ‘My Purchases’ screen via the ‘MY AUDIO GEAR’ tab.

If you want to examine one of your orders in more detail then click the appropriate ‘order number’ for the item you have purchased and it will take you to a detailed Purchase Order information screen.

The detailed order information screen will confirm all of the order details for your current order. Please check these carefully as these will form the basis of the transaction between you and the seller. You can change or add a new delivery address at this stage if the delivery address is not the same as the address you first registered in your ‘Buyer Profile’.

This screen also displays a summary of all messages you send to the seller and all messages the seller sends to you.

If you wish to send the seller a new message, just click into the new message box and start typing.  Click on the ‘Submit’ button to send the message.  Both you and the seller will get e-mail notification that your message has been sent.

There are three things you need to do to get your purchased item on its way to you;

  1. Agree with the seller by which method you would like the item shipped.
  2. Agree with the seller on the shipping cost.
  3. Make payment to the seller according to the agreed total amount including shipping.

As every transaction is unique, we believe that buyers and sellers will welcome the opportunity to agree shipping methods for each transaction.


Making Payment

When you have agreed shipping with the Seller, they will send you an invoice to make payment against.  This will detail how to make payment according to the agreed means of payment.

Once the Seller has received payment, they are obliged to despatch the item without delay and let you have details of the shipment.

You can continue to correspond with the Seller using the message box in the order details page.