Buyer Profile

Before you can buy your first item on Audio Gear, you must create a buyer profile.  A buyer profile allows you to store important information about you as a buyer.  You can access your Buyer Profile via the ‘MY AUDIO GEAR’, ‘Buyer Profile’ menu.

Your buyer profile is not displayed publicly in the marketplace. Your name and address will be provided to sellers from whom you buy an item.

Your Buyer Profile has the following fields.  Those marked with a red * are compulsory.

Default Currency Display : choose your home currency from the drop down list. 

Items are offered for sale in the preferred currency of the seller.  If you buy an item then you will be obliged to pay for the item in that currency.  There are many ways to do that, the most popular being PayPal.

If your own home country currency is not the same as the seller’s, then the screen will display the approximate price in your home currency below the actual selling price.  The currency conversion is based on the rates published by the European Central Bank (updated daily between 2.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. CET)


Shipping Information

This is where the items you purchase will be shipped to and also your invoice address. You will have the option to add or change the shipping address when making a purchase.

First Name : your first name

Last Name : your last name

Address Line 1 : the first line of the address.

Address Line 2 : the second line of the address.

City/Town : the city or town.

County/Region/State : the country, region or state.

Postcode : the postcode or zip code.

Country : select from the pull down list.


Optional contact details (which will be visible to the Seller)

Contact phone number : remember to include the country code.

Contact e-mail address : this can be different from the e-mail address you used to register on Audio Gear.

When you have completed all the field entries then click the Update button to save your profile.

You can update your buyer profile at any time but be aware that this will be your new profile for all items you are currently purchasing and all future purchases.