Adding a Company to the Database

Registered users can contribute new company listings, including the company logo and company history.  It is also possible to add or correct information about an existing company entry.

If you want to enter a new company listing, then please follow these steps;

  1. Check carefully that the company entry you want to create does not already exist in the database.
  1. Log into Audio Gear using your user name and password.
  1. Click on the ‘Add Company’ menu item under ‘MY AUDIO GEAR’.

This will bring up the new listing entry screen which is split into two parts.

Part one contains fields which are compulsory as follows:

  • Company name : the name of the manufacturer (including historic and obsolete names)
  • Company Logo : this is the official company logo

Part two contains fields which are optional as follows:

  • Company History : this contains a brief history of how the company came into being, who founded the company and some key milestones in the company’s development.

When you have entered all the information you want to for the new company listing, click the Save Draft Listing button at the bottom of the screen.

You now have four clickable options:

Edit new company takes you back into the edit screen so you can change any part of the your company entry other than the company name.

Delete company allows you to delete the entire draft company listing.

Save Draft allows you to save the draft company listing without publishing it so you can revisit it another time to complete it.  If you click this option then you will be taken to a page showing all your unpublished draft company listings.  This page can also be reached via your ‘MY AUDIO GEAR’ menu item and click on ‘My Company Preview’.

Publish Listing puts your new company listing live on to the main database.