Duesenberg is a brand for electric string instruments founded in 1986 located in Hannover, Germany. Duesenberg is part of Göldo Music GmbH and is widely known for their classic and destinctive Art Deco designs. By 2004, the company opened a new branch in Fullerton, California.

Besides electric instruments such as their most successful model, the Starplayer TV, the company produces high end music equipment like analog effect pedals and amplifiers.

When first used by the German guitar designer Dieter Gölsdorf in 1986, Duesenberg was originally a brand for futuristic Heavy Metal guitars until 1989.

Since 1991, Gölsdorf uses the brand within his company, Göldo Music GmbH in Hannover, Germany.
By 1995, Gölsdorf began developing a new guitar called Starplayer, which at that time already was a predecessor of their now most popular model, the Starplayer TV. The brand Duesenberg was taken up again for these instruments. The guitar featured a semi-hollow flat Spruce top construction, a Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, two pickups, one humbucker and one P-90-style single coil switched by an unconventional wiring, and numerous Art Deco style applications. With its classic designs and mostly unconventional colouring, Duesenberg instruments refer to the craftsmanship in guitar design of the passed 50’s and 60’s.

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