D’Angelico Guitars

John D’Angelico (1905–1964) was a luthier from New York City, noted for his handmade archtop guitars and mandolins. John D’Angelico was born in 1905 in New York to an Italian-American family, and was in 1914 apprenticed to his great-uncle, Raphael Ciani, who made violins, mandolins, and flat top guitars.[1][2] D'Angelico took over as supervisor of Ciani’s shop when he died. In 1932, he began working on his own designs in his own workshop in New York.

By 1937, D’Angelico had settled on at least four main f-hole archtop guitar designs, heavily influenced by the Gibson L-5:[3][4]
Style A – 17 inch body. Phased out in the 1940s.
Style B – 17 inch body. Phased out in the 1940s.
Excel – 17 inch body
New Yorker – 18 inch body. Approximately 300 made.

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