About Audio Gear

A few years ago, I was getting ready to do some maintenance on a pair of classic speakers manufactured more than 40 years ago by a UK company who no longer exist, although the brand name was sold on to another concern, who today manufacture a very different range of audio products in the far east.

A quick browse through the current website and a polite e-mail enquiring whether they had information about the drivers used in my speakers brought an equally polite response. ‘Sorry we don’t have any information about the original company’s products. Why don’t you try a Google search?’

I searched and searched and eventually, I found a few threads, which in time, through many enquiries, got me to a point where I was able to source some replacement drivers. But it was a pretty scary realisation that so little information existed in the vastness of the internet about what was once a very respected loudspeaker model. Not only was technical information almost impossible to find but the Wikipedia entry for the company brand made only a passing reference to what I knew was once a very respected and successful UK loudspeaker manufacturer.

So an idea began to take shape. To design a website which would become a repository of information about every piece of audio and MI gear ever produced. Eighteen months of development time later, Audio Gear has just been launched.

We realise it’s a never ending project but if all of you will contribute a little time and catalogue your own collection of gear, then we will build a substantial body of knowledge. Just like someone out there was able to able to provide the information I needed about my classic speakers, you can probably give and receive a lot of valuable gear information to and from other users across the world.

We’re very happy to receive your comments, suggestions and encouragement about Audio Gear, so drop us a line at admin@audio-gear.org and we’ll get back in touch with you. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy browsing the site and feel able to start cataloguing your own collection of audio and MI gear, and of course you can buy and sell gear on our marketplace.


Robert Campbell
February 2015